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2013 Organic gardening is well under way

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to post any updates – I’ve barely had time to keep the garden going.  So far this year, we’ve added 5 blueberry plants, 3 grape vines, 2 blackberry patches, 2 raspberry patches, strawberry agro towers, and a strawberry patch.

The mild weather allowed me to get a lot in very early this year.  I have 3 tomatoes – two of which I started from seed and a Park’s Whopper I bought from the big-box store.  It’s mid June but the Park’s Whopper already has 40 fruit set and is 5 foot up the tomato tower – remember that in our type garden, one tomato plant goes in the middle of a 3′ diameter 10′ tall cage.  The Park’s Whopper was about 6″ tall when I put it in the ground on April 6th so it’s been growing a little over 2 months.  The other two tomatoes I’m growing are ones I started from seed around March 1st and were about 3″ tall when I put them in the ground early April.  To protect the tomatoes from frost and encourage them to get started, I prepped the bed by putting down Better Reds Plastic Mulch and a Wall O Water tomato tent.  I put the red wall o water over top of the plastic mulch squares to get the medium warmer and ready for the tomatoes.

The other two tomato varieties I’m growing are a Beef Steak heirloom and a Gold Medal Tomato which is supposed to be slightly less acidic and ripen yellow with red streaks up the sides of the fruit.

I know this post is worthless without pictures so if I get some spare time next week, I’ll put some pictures up.

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