Local Biz

May I encourage you to shop from locally owned businesses whenever possible?

Locally owned business I support:

H & H Landscaping (Jeff Hobson)
(662) 404-3122

Backyard Landscape
Just north of Pleasant Hill on Hwy 51 in Nesbit
(901) 246-0933

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  • bruce:

    Hello, I can’t seem to be able to buy cotton burr compost. Do you know of any way to find a supplier in or near punta gorda, fl. I have spent days on this with no luck. Thank you.

  • eric:

    I checked Back to Nature’s website and it doesn’t appear that they have a supplier anywhere in Florida. Depending on how much CBC you need, you may find one of their suppliers in Alabama or Georgia that could ship a pallet to you with a less than truckload (LTL) carrier.

    When I put our last 3 garden beds together, I used a full pallet of CBC so it may be economical if you need a lot:


    Best of luck!

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