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Troy Bilt Bronco TB70SS doesn’t run

My Troy Bilt gas powered string trimmer decided to quit on me this year.  I’ve only had it for 8+ years so I wondered why it picked this year to want attention.  8 years is a long time in cheap string trimmer years so here are a few things I did to help it get this far:

  • Only use non-ethanol fuel.  I’m fortunate that the closest gas station to my house has conventional gas – Commerce and 51 in Hernando.
  • Change the spark plug at least every 2 years
  • Do not keep mixed fuel longer than 8 months (much shorter if you use ethanol)
  • Empty the gas tank after you finish using it – back into the gas can

That is really all I did and my trimmer lasted 8+ years before it started to not run.  It started to not run well unless I had the choke in position #2, and after a few weeks of that, it stopped running any time I’d give it more than a light throttle.  I had several options without doing any work and I have an edger attachment for the Troy-Bilt trimmers so I’d need to either replace with a Troy-Bilt or get an edger attachment :

The first option was to buy a new string trimmer. Read the rest of this entry »

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