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Why I will never buy another Samsung TV (and why I will take this one back if I can)

My post isn’t in line with the focus of this blog, but I had to say something about my recent experience with Samsung TVs and help inform someone thinking about purchasing a new Samsung TV.  We gave our 6 year old 47″ Vizio to my mom  and I picked up a Samsung UN55ES6150F 55″ TV at Costco.

The Good

The TV is really a nice looking piece of electronics.  The picture is much sharper and the color more vibrant than our old Vizio.  The bezel is barely 1″ thick all the way around – most new LED TVs have a thin bezel so it’s not a huge selling feature, but from the 47″ Vizio with (what seemed to be) a 3″ bezel, this is nice.

The TV is very thin.. very.  I know most new TVs have most of these features, but built in wi-fi and a “SmartHub” (which we find out later isn’t so smart) are nice.

The bad

Ugh.. tonight I really wish I hadn’t bought this TV, but more on that later… I think that they were napping in the engineering department the day they drew this one up.

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