In a pickle

Bed #1

The radishes were the first to show, much to M’s delight, less than a week after she planted them.  I thought this was so awesome until I read that radishes can germinate and be a small plant within 3 days.  The radishes are joined by thin grass looking green onions and some small carrots.  The white onions we transplanted have greened up and are pointing to the sky now.  I’m no expert on sweet potatoes but they do look good!

Bed #2

The mortgage lifter tomato is now 18″ tall but no suckers have showed themselves yet (more on this later).  The Parks Whopper is coming strong at 22″ tall and very healthy looking.  I pinched off 6 of the leaves leaving the suckers and stabilized the plant with dowel rods on the cage (more on this later).  The Beefsteak tomato I had was just small.  It’s early June and I don’t want to waste any time so I was at HD replacing some of the peppers that sucked and saw that they had a larger Beefsteak.  This guy looks amazing – full, green, thick and healthy, so I transplanted it tonight @ 13″ tall.

A note about Home Depot in Southaven, MS and their garden center – I picked up a variety of pepper plants last week of which most of them looked very good.  Within 3 days I had 6 plants wilting on me while the rest of the garden including 9 other peppers within the same 4’x4′ area were doing fine.  I sent the dead peppers to Mississippi State Extension office in Hernando and they reported back that the peppers had Pythium Root Root – possibly from over watering at the store.  When I returned today to give it another shot, the peppers and tomatoes looked much better.

Bed #3

We picked up some pickling cucumbers , okra, and melons at Dan West in Memphis which made their way into bed #3 tonight.  The first few years, we grew all salad cucumbers.  What we found out is that even with giving away salad cucumbers to family and friends, we always had too many that ended up in the trash.  This year I planted one salad cucumber and three pickling cucumbers.  I’m going to make an early year prediction – we’ll have way to many pickling cucumbers that will make their way into the compost pile.

There is nothing wrong with having an abundance, but I never had a ComposTumbler before so anything I didn’t use went into the trash.


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