More planting, pruning, and caging in a square foot

Tonight after I arrived at home, the girls and I went out back to see what we could put in the ground.  We decided that it was time for more onions and carrots since the current crop of onions and carrots are two weeks under way.  This will be our first attempt at succession planting or stagger planting which I can already tell will take some planning to ensure we have a continual harvest without having a huge abundance.  We used the planting boards to put green onions in as well as three ‘presses’ of carrots – all different varieties.  What I’m calling a ‘press’ is when I take the 2′ x 1′ planting board and press it into the medium creating the spaced holes required to plant seed.  We planted 6 square feet of carrots and 2 square feet of green onions which should yield about 32 green onions and 96 carrots when they mature.  Maybe I’m wrong but this is incredibly efficient gardening.  In one 4×4 section of bed (16 sq ft), I can plant 256 carrots.  I have 16 of these 4×4 sections so I could plant approximately 4096 carrots at one time – not that I would, but you get the idea.  Radishes are on 1.5″ centres so double for radishes – 8192.  We also used the boards tonight to plant 18 red onions in bed 3 on four-inch centres, this should provide a nice variety of onion.

I decided to see how my tomatoes measured up after a week and here are the results : Mortgage Lifter tomato gained 4 inches at 21″ tall.  Park’s Whopper gained an impressive 7 inches at 29″ tall.  The Beefsteak tomato gained 5 inches at 18″ tall.  My pizza peppers have sprouted and I suspect I’ll need to transplant them in a week or so as they are way to close to the tomato cage and will quickly get choked out.

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